Royal Chrysler Of Oneonta - Got a "new" used vehicle and can't drive it


traded in my 2011 Buick Enclave for a 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan with 31000 miles on it-had it 2 days when the check engine light came on-took it 26 miles to dealership and was told after 2 hrs wait they needed to order the part-in the meantime the hazardous driving light came on and that cuts the power to the point you have to pull over and restart the car to get up even a small hill. I took it back when the part came in, waited 3 hours and started home with it and both lights came back on again-now it's been a week since I had the car and they don't seem to be able to fix it-the salesman I dealt with doesn't return my e-mails and I am really getting upset as I am a grandmother with 5 grandchildren I am raising-I need the room of a van-they gave me a 2001 Mercury sable to drive-needless to say we don't all fit-HELP...I want either to trade for a new van (which I was told would be entirely possible), or I'm ready to take my old car and go somewhere else...can you help?-the manager's name is Mark Zimmerman

Review about: 2011 Buick Enclave.

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